Factors That Affect Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the process by which your body transforms chemicals within your body into useful substances for sustenance. It converts food into fuel so that you can go about your day and finish your tasks with ease. It is also responsible for the conversion of food into protein and other building blocks inside the body. This allows you to transform yourself into the physique that you want. The elimination of waste materials is also part of this. The rate at which these occur differs from one individual to the next. It will depend on a number of factors. Some of them are fixed while others can be influenced by our behaviors.


For instance, it is known that metabolism tends to slow down as we age. This is why most people tend to get bigger as they grow older. The people you knew from school will look quite different in adulthood. Some might be slimmer but many will be going the opposite route. It is simply harder to burn calories as we age so it is all the more necessary for us to do things that will help things along. This is further exacerbated by the fact that we tend to be more sedentary in an old age given our work and our general lifestyle.


The overall size of a person is also a factor in how fast metabolism works. Particularly, this has a big effect on BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate. This is a number of calories burned by the body in a total sedentary state. It is equivalent to the energy required to keep our various organs functioning to stay alive. This includes respiration, digestion, and so forth. Larger people have correspondingly larger internal organs. They also have a wider skin surface to maintain. Fluid volume is higher. The body needs to work harder to meet the requirements of each element.


Another thing that influences this process is muscle mass. Muscle requires a great deal more energy to maintain than fat. Two people may have the same size or weight but they might have very different metabolisms based on the division of muscle and fat. They will also look very different. This is one of the reasons why BMI is not the end all and be all of the ideal weight. You also need to look into the percentage of fat. Someone with 20% fat will be fitter than a person with 50% fat. The former will have much more muscles which help to burn more calories per unit time.


We should also consider the gender of the person. Comparative studies suggest that males are much more likely to have a higher basal metabolic rate compared to females. In other words, it is generally easier for men to burn calories than women. Note that these are averages and that there are plenty of people who can stand as the exception. Genetics is another thing that needs to be looked into. You don’t have to be tested in the lab for this. Your family will provide the clues. If these are obese, then you also have a high tendency to follow in their footsteps unless you do something about it.


Sometimes the issue lies in the hormones. If there is an imbalance, then the rate may speed up or slow down. Examples include people who are dealing with hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Those affected can have an extremely difficult time coping. Many experience sudden weight change which is hard to reverse despite their diet and activity. Fortunately, there are ways of controlling it. If you have trouble keeping your weight down, then have your hormone levels checked at a medical clinic.


This is perhaps the easiest variable to control because we simply have to move to affect change. The higher the level of our activity, the faster our metabolism will become. The important thing is to ramp this up gradually so as to prevent injuries. You can do a variety of exercises to induce calorie burn. If your type of work has you sitting in front of a desk all day, then try to run in the morning or in the afternoon. You could also go to the gym or join sports clubs.


You may also try changing the way that you eat. There are certain food items that can help speed up metabolism. Browse different recipes to see which ones appeal to your taste and try them out in your kitchen. Read the review of metabolic cooking to learn more from those who have already experienced it.

Health Supplements: Why Use Them & Which Are The Best

If you’re looking for the best supplements Beast Sports has them. If you want to know what types of supplements the company carries, as well as the benefits of using health supplements and the best health supplements to use, then continue to read on. Afterwards, you can buy a few of the supplements mentioned.

Supplements Beast Has
The supplements Beast Sports has to offer range from protein products to creatine to BCAA supplements and fish oil. These are only a few of the many types of health supplements they sell.

The most popular supplements Beast Sports offers are Super Test, Beast Protein, Beast Mode Black, 2 Shredded and Creature, which is a creatine supplement. The products the company sells are effective and they are reasonably priced. If you want to crush your fitness goals, then the supplements Beast has to offer will help.

Benefits Of Health Supplements
The are many benefits of using health supplements, with the main one being they can improve your overall health. By taking a multi-vitamin and other supplements, you will receive the nutrients and minerals your body needs to remain healthy. Most multi-vitamins contain just enough nutrients for your body, so you don’t have to worry about taking more than you should. If your goal is to feel better, be healthier and enjoy overall better health, then take quality health supplements.

There are a number of supplements that can improve both joint and bone health. There are others that are designed to provide support for cartilage too. Everyone knows the importance of bone health and joint health, but not many people know what they can do to improve them. Taking supplements is one of the most effective ways to do it.

Do you suffer from a lack of energy and you find it interfering with the quality of your life? Maybe you don’t have enough energy to exercise. If so, then take a supplement designed to boost your energy levels. Not only are there supplements that can provide you with the energy your body needs, but there are supplements to help you get into better shape. Whether your goal is to pack on muscle, burn fat, gain strength or get as lean as possible, you can easily find a supplement to help you.

One of the main reasons people use supplements is because they are able to reach their goals faster and more efficiently. For example, if your goal is to gain strength, the right supplements can help you achieve that within a few weeks. Fat burners can help you burn fat within a short period of time, so if your goal is to become leaner, then invest in a fat burner. Supplements designed to provide you with energy work very quickly too. You get the idea.

In short, the benefits of using supplements include:

  • Improve overall health
  • Improve joint & bone health
  • Increase energy
  • Get into better shape
  • Reach goals faster

Best Health Supplements To Use
The best supplements to take depends on what your goals are. If your goal is to become as strong as possible, then you probably won’t take the same supplements as someone who just wants to improve their overall health. The best thing is to write out your health and fitness goals and then go from there. Generally speaking, below is a list of the best health supplements to use for specific goals. The list includes:

  • A multivitamin for overall health
  • Protein to gain and repair muscle
  • Testosterone booster for those looking to boost testosterone levels
  • Fish oil for heart health
  • Pre-workout drink for a boost of energy for your workouts

Keep in mind the above is only a partial list. There are hundreds of supplements out there, with each one serving their own purposes. Do a bit of research on them and determine which ones will help you reach your health goals.

We all have health and fitness goals we want to achieve. Sure, we can reach them without the use of health supplements, but why would you? The best health supplements are fine to take. With that said, if you want good supplements Beast Sports has them for sale, so check out their products today.

Benefits Of Buying A Natural Protein Powder

One of the main keys to having a strong healthy body is nutrition. The food you eat has a big impact on your well-being and muscledevelopment. It is the food you eat that provides the nutrients required by the body. This includes proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace minerals, and oils. To get all these nutrients, each of your meals must have different types of foods that contain these nutrients.

Vitamin Sources

To get your vitamins, you need to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. You will need to eat several fruit and vegetable portions every day to get all the vitamins you need. There are also natural fruit juices that contain most of the vitamins your body will need. To get the best results, be sure to accompany every meal you have with a different type of fruit or vegetable. The main benefit of vitamins is that they help to boost the body’s natural immunity, which will help to keep you disease-free for long.

ii) Carbohydrate Sources

Pastries, such as bread, cakes, buns, pizza, corn meal, breakfast cereal, and pancakes are the best sources of carbohydrates. Each meal you have should contain at least one carbohydrate portion. This is because your body needs plenty of energy to exercise.

iii) Proteins

Proteins are essential in muscle recovery and development. If bodybuilding is your main goal, you need to take as many proteins as possible. The best sources of proteins are legumes, dairy products, eggs, fish, and meat. Ideally, you should choose white meat because it is much more healthy than red meat. However, pork chops and some steak every once in a while will not kill you. Be sure to include beans, peas and green grams, among other types of legumes, in your meals. You can alternate between animal and plant proteins to ensure you get the best results.

It is important you keep your daily fluid intake at 8 glasses. This is because water helps to flush out toxins. It also replenishes any water that may be lost through sweating and urination. That said, a healthy meal may not provide your body with every nutrient it needs to perform optimally. You will most likely still need to use supplements to ensure your body does not lack any essential nutrient.

Protein Supplements

If you have lost a considerable amount of weight over the years and would like to bulk up, you should consider buying a natural protein powder to help you regain a healthy body weight. A natural protein powder can also be used by bodybuilders or anyone else who wants to increase their muscle mass. This type of protein supplement is made up of natural ingredients that have been extracted from protein-packed food items. They are usually in concentrated form, so you only need to add a teaspoon to water or milk in a bottle and shake thoroughly before drinking. This protein drink will help bridge any protein supply gap you may have in your body.

The most popular type of natural protein powder is whey protein, which is extracted from milk. This makes it completely natural. Unless you are lactose intolerant, you can make huge gains by adding whey protein to your normal healthy diet. The supplement is best taken after a workout session. For instance, you can go to the gym for a cardio session, then take the supplement before or after taking a shower.

The main benefit of whey protein is that it helps with muscle recovery. After lifting weights or performing cardio workouts for several minutes/hours, your muscles will get worn out. This supplement will provide you with the amino acids needed to repair and grow these muscles. After a couple of weeks, you will notice considerable gains in muscle mass and weight.

How to Use Whey Protein Powder

When you buy a natural protein powder, you cannot take it directly as it may be inconvenient to ingest a powder. The taste may also be unpleasant. The best option, therefore, is to mix the powder with some milk, smoothie or water. The mixture should be shaken thoroughly to ensure the powder dissolves in the milk, water or smoothie. Protein powders, such a whey protein, can be taken by bodybuilders and anyone else who would like to gain some muscle mass.

Find Wilderness and Wonder in the Great Outdoors

As I type this post on my new site, wildnessandwonder.com, I am looking out my window at a few really nice scenes. One scene is the blooming trees – a bright, bright green since it’s been raining a lot, and it’s the peak of spring when the trees just about burst open (and the pollen is almost gone, for the most part). And, in the foreground is the spring plants that – if you are into foraging, are truly healthy to eat (dandelion leaves in salads, clover leaves, lilac blossoms – yes, I put them in salads).

Then, I have some rolling hills out beyond the trees. Nothing as spectacular as you see in The Sound of Music or anything, but pretty. And I also see some gorgeous phlox in the lawn. Pretty much a picture perfect day. So, what better time than now to launch the site! Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you here soon with more than just my ramblings about the view. 🙂