Find Wilderness and Wonder in the Great Outdoors

As I type this post on my new site,, I am looking out my window at a few really nice scenes. One scene is the blooming trees – a bright, bright green since it’s been raining a lot, and it’s the peak of spring when the trees just about burst open (and the pollen is almost gone, for the most part). And, in the foreground is the spring plants that – if you are into foraging, are truly healthy to eat (dandelion leaves in salads, clover leaves, lilac blossoms – yes, I put them in salads).

Then, I have some rolling hills out beyond the trees. Nothing as spectacular as you see in The Sound of Music or anything, but pretty. And I also see some gorgeous phlox in the lawn. Pretty much a picture perfect day. So, what better time than now to launch the site! Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you here soon with more than just my ramblings about the view. 🙂

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